If you are in the Chicago area and want to meet the creator of Four-Color Heroes (me!) I will be holding a public playtest of the latest build this Saturday (6/8) from noon to 4pm at Mad River Bar & Grill (2909 N Sheffield Ave). The Playtest group is already filled up, but if you […]

Of all the things that D&D has done well over the years, providing mechanics to allow mundane characters to do interesting things hasn’t been one of them. In particular, mundane characters in combat have typically been limited to hitting things for damage as far as tactical choices go. To that end I am adding a […]

  Like a lot of people, I’ve been doing some thinking about the D&D Next design process. My personal opinion is that the developers didn’t start with a sturdy enough framework before they began throwing ideas around – or at least they haven’t been sticking as close to their espoused framework as I would in […]