Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Three Elements Of Success

A recent debate over at The League of Gamemakers has brought to mind an old dilemma of mine: why do some games sell and other do not? On the margin between the two points brought up in the League I think it’s true that Mechanics must outweigh Theme as far as sustainability goes: while Theme […]

Bolt From The Blue : Fiscal Fantasy

I am what you might call an “Inspired Designer.” The majority of my game ideas strike me like a bolt from the blue – powerful and unexpected – typically with at least the 3 basic questions answered, but sometimes with entire outlines of the game as well. That doesn’t mean the game is done, of […]

The Basics of Good Game Design

In addition to designing games, I also run the Chicago Game Designers Meetup for Chicago Game Lovers as a way to keep in touch with my fellow Designers and, hopefully, to build a robust Game Design community in Chicago. In the course of running this Meetup I’ve come up with a basic guide to put […]